Tuesday, 20 April 2010

How did you attract/ address your audience?

In the early stages of website construction my group and I did some website research, in order to note what difference a use full convention/feature made to a website. By doing this we were able to implement some of them into our website in turn making it easily accessible.

The target audience for my website is officially people in the age bracket of twenty one to thirty, although this is the case I believe the website should speak to all ages and for this reason I designed it with every age group in mind rather than confining it to the official target audience.

This can be seen through the:

Language used on the website, the language used on the website is formal and straightforward, simple language is used so anyone who reads any page of the site can understand what is being conveyed.

My website uses a blend of colours like subtle greens and light blues, these soft colors have a calming effect in turn welcoming the viewer of the website.

Positioning, the placement of items on the pages is quite simple, the logo for the website is in the top left hand corner of the page with navigational links just below it placed horizontally across the page the title of each page remains in the top left hand corner of each page thus creating continuity.

Font, the font size of the content on the web site is set at 12 allowing the users to comfortably view the written content, whereas the font size used on the titles of each page is set at size 23, such an increase in font size was used because my group and I understand the importance of clarity of the page title and the need for it to be easily differentiated from the other text.

After making all of these reservations for the users of my website, I would expect that there would be no problems with the clarity of text,pictures or navigation. Overall i expect public reception to be good because I'm confident in the product my group and I have put together.
Also with the help of my teacher i believe i have covered all spaces and produced a product of good quality.

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