Thursday, 22 April 2010

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The media product that I will be evaluating is my charity website “Cambridge Animal Sanctuary”. My websites purpose is to advertise my fictional zoo and to ask the public for donation’s to keep my zoo running.

Starting with the layout

My website follows the conventions used by The London Zoo website, I choose to follow their style because it is a simple but attractive convention, but most importantly so my website is easy and straight forward enough to be used by an occasional web user. For example using a convention such as consistent navigation, basically this means placing hyperlinks such as “home”, “about us” etc. on every page. Doing this makes the site simple to navigate through. As shown below. also by using small pictures to represent words and links.

The London Zoo website

(notice how words as well as small images are used to represent links.)

I thought this was a good idea and rather fitting to my website.

The websites template, which I created follows a popular conventional style practiced by many websites. From top to bottom: a logo, which is horizontally placed, in the top left hand corner with an the organizations acronym on it. This was created using word processing tool in the Macintosh program "photoshop".

A navigation bar which is situated on the right hand side of the page is just below the sites logo, on this navigational panel there are four buttons providing links to the other pages. I have followed the common convention of placing these items vertically in an attempt to utilize page space effectively,which I think I have done successfully. Following these two items, there is a small space, this is done to spread the page out just a little bit so it does not have an untidy jumbled look. Towards the bottom of the page I decided to do something different with our footer so i created my own, i complied a selection of pictures; after rendering them i placed them at the bottom of each of our pages (as seen below) . i believe i have pioneered a new form of convention which i hope will catch on.

(Websites footer)

All of the content shown on my website was generated by myself ; pictures, icons,etc. Therefore it is my own creation. All of the pictures shown on the website were taken by my self, the fonts and graphics were taken from the web design tool "Iweb" and then edited by me.

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