Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Brief for my Website

I'm writing this proposal in order to create a website in support of a charity of my choice.
The campaign i decided to support was, are an organization who encourage the public to create campaigns for the welfare and benefit of any animal of there choice, I decided to choose this campaign because they allow users to campaign in anyway they think they can raise awareness and funds for the species of their choice.

After doing this i assessed my potential audience, when i thought about it i realised that my audience would be quite wide. I say this because the love for animals does not encompass age, any age person could be an animal lover; this means that I my group and I have to build this website with every age group in mind incorporating things that would address all age groups.
I assume that my website will go down quite well with my audience, by saying "quite well" i mean that I belive that my website will have a good deal of response from the users in the form of donations.

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