Thursday, 22 April 2010


My website “Cambridge Zoo”, is charity orientated around the conservation of animals, therefore there are no particular human social groups which I seek to represent. It could be argued that I'm representing animals as a group and representing the issue of conservation. I believe what I'm really representing with this site are those who have interest in conserving our environment and the endangered species we have in it.

The layout of my website is a rather simple one, making it easy to use by those who are viewing it. I decided to follow the use of a conventional layout so those who are not seasoned web users would be able to navigate through my website without any difficulties. Although I used such a straightforward format, the web design of my site is still rather attractive.

The language used on my web site is strictly formal. After conducting my web site research, I found that other sites were too wordy and filled with unnecessary sentences. Frankly after reading through some of the text they produced, I found it tedious reading through a website which was filled with useless information. After my experience, I did not want the viewers of my site to be bored of looking at paragraph after paragraph of boring facts. So for this reason I decided to use a more formal approach so I could communicate easily with all of the sites viewers and keep their attention; by keeping my text clear and concise.

I would class the colours I have used on my website as calming and neutral, I say this because the colour scheme of the site was not chosen to reflect any targeted social groups but to give a “jungle effect”, in other words to follow the theme of the content. so for example on the sea mammals section the pages are light blues and aqua greens and so on. Through out the site there are some variations in color but they are only in place to capture attention of the viewer for example the donate button. As seen below

(Donate button)

Graphics and Photographs

I thought if people could see what they were donating their money for they would be more inclined to give. For this reason I packed as many photos into the website as possible, the pictures taken are of vibrant and colourful animals in the best of health and of course with the help of the public this is a state which they can maintain

all of the photos on display were taken by me whilst on holiday, so I can truthfully say none of the photos on display were taken from any website our any other source.

The video

The video for the main website is brief one advertising the fictional zoo.

In conclusion my website is geared towards anyone who has a love for animals or just wishes to donate towards the conservation of animals. however i will admit; the design of the site is appealing to children.

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