Sunday, 18 April 2010

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Looking back at process of constructing my website, I realise that I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge on web design. When I first started the web design segment of this course, I thought the hardware/software would be intricate and extremely hard to use for a first time user like me. I was mistaken, the Apple Mac's we use are brilliant machines which are highly sophisticated and yet still very easy to use.

The same can be said for the Apple Mac's programme's. Most importantly the web design program 'IWeb' ,which is an integral piece of software responsible for the construction of my website. Although the web design programme 'IWeb' is not one of 'industrial strength' the reasons for using it is because html is complex to teach and the use of 'IWeb' allows a novice like me to create a professional looking website without having to input lengthy html codes.

Garage Band

I used this piece of software to create backing music for my video, at first i thought compiling my own track would be hard but the programme assists with the leveling the music and pitch, after


In photoshop I learnt how to manipulate images to my liking, by using tools such as the magic wand to select small pieces of the picture and paste elsewhere in other layers

Final Cut

In Final Cut I learnt how to edit the video for my website, cutting and trimming unwanted bits of the video capture so the final video would be short and enjoyable to watch, also i learnt how to effectivly use video effects like fade (as seen in the video).

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