Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Main Survey

I created this survey to gain an idea of my target audience, I did this so I could ensure the satisfaction of those who were most likely to use my website.


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  2. You've certainly learned how to handle the difficult bits and your response to it has been impressive.
    In doing this, what can you say about technology, your view of the background of web publishing, and what you have found that you didn't know before?
    That would lead you on to the next point -
    The technology you must write about includes the Mac, but must also include the other software, the process of 'serving' it (ie the server that might be used), and some discussion of the world wide web and how it is transmitted.
    Have you got some pie charts to put into the audience bit - because they are visual, they help our understanding of what you are saying. If 21 to 30 is the age bracket you must aim at, what gender is it, what race? What are their interests, hobbies, past times, preferences in film, TV and food and all that sort of thing. The statistics need to paint a bigger picture of the audience.
    The media institution is actually the World Wide Web, which is served by hundreds of companies doing lots of different things. You've traced some of these companies, and maybe you need a little more research: actually, any Mac computer can be a web server, and all you need is a connection into the WWW - and you could add a registered domain name, although an IP address is sufficient. Have a look at

    Your video work needs to be completed.
    You've done a good job on the whole list of things that you need, but do double check (below).
    Your job now is to refine and extend your 7 points. Number 3 needs to be dealt with carefully. Make sure your survey is telling us more about 2, 4 and 5.
    I'd like to see you work this up to a B, please.

    These are your AS Blogspot posts
    1. Review done
    2. Website analysis and review done
    3. Survey starter done, but needs some explanation.
    4. Media brief - I'm not sure that this is done, so please check it. This is the brief for your main website
    5. Website annotations done
    6. Improved brief - check this too, please.
    7. Young and Rubicam survey result and comment done
    8. Website research findings done, but see if you can improve this.
    9. Main survey - improve this so that we can see all the results published on the blog.

    followed by the seven points (you must read and use Seven point evaluation)

    10 i. In what ways . . . conventions
    11. ii. Represent social groups
    12. iii. Who is your audience
    13. iv. How do you attract an audience
    14. v. Website distribution
    15. vi. What have you learned about technology
    16. vii. What have you learned in the progression from first site to main site.