Sunday, 20 September 2009

What have I learned and accomplished in review

Hello world,

My name is John Roberts and I am a student at Ravens Wood School in Bromley. I am currently studying Media Studies at AS level under the tutorage of Mr H Morrison. When I started this course I thought we would be walking around pretending to be reporters, shooting film all day and occasionally entering a class room to do some theory. Basically none of that has become reality as yet. Even though the course is not the hands- on approach I expected it to be, it has still been a hugely enlightening experience over the past two weeks, exposing me to the technical work needed to make a piece of sound, text or visual material fit together with each other to convey the desired message . Even though I was expecting a different style of course, I can actually say I have performed reasonably well considering my lack of background in the subject, but there is always room for improvement. If I were to be perfectly honest, I think my strongest piece of work in this course so far has been the "light to dark" assignment, which I had no difficulties with. The only problem I can speak of is the use and the meaning of the terminology used during media studies lessons.
In terms of the Casino Royale "How it was made" DVD, it was amazing to see the importance of sound and music in a film, and the care that was needed to tune it to perfection. As for the other DVD we watched in class, "Gone Fishing" I thought it was a rather good film which managed to enthrall the audience's emotions in the space of ten minutes. I especially liked the films transition from "Light to Dark". I think this was done rather well throughout the script setting contrasting moods and shot's in the movie. And on that final note I end this blog with a goodbye.

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